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Testing the Future of Connectivity with Spirent

September 13, 2021 Sarah-Jayne Gratton and Dean Anthony Gratton Season 2 Episode 4
Tech Uncorked
Testing the Future of Connectivity with Spirent
Show Notes

In this unmissable episode, we talk to Stephen Douglas and Jurrie Van Den Breekel from Spirent, the leading testers of 5G about how the technology is being rolled out, how it's continually evolving and how new innovations are set to change the future of connectivity.

We explore some of the really cool technologies coming into play, allowing us to experience the kind of ubiquitous connectivity that will change the way we live and work.

And it's not that far away! From network slicing to micro services, things are evolving at a rapid pace.

Stephen explains how automation is key to ensure always on connectivity and lifts the lid on how the densification problems that have historically challenged the industry can be overcome by future meta-materials that will mean our network connectivity will literally be all around us.

Jurrie talks about Hyperscaler private 5G and enabling innovation.  He explains how infrastructure is changing to provide more choice.  However, this can present testing challenges, so Spirent provide an end-to-end service by partnering with companies to make testing a seamless, simple and fast process.  Through collaboration with vendors, Spirent can provide heightened vigilance against security vulnerabilities. 

Ultimately, Spirent make technology WORK!

With wave after wave of complex, new technology rolling out, it’s harder than ever to make it all work. Spirent delivers visibility, automation and security to make sure it does.

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